Audio Marketing

Audio Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business through audio on your telephone system.

Did you know that the most frequently used features of a commercial telephone are ‘Hold’ and ‘Transfer’ and the average business caller is put on hold for 30 seconds whilst being transferred?

Just think how much time this all adds up to over a period of a year. When you put a call on hold you risk losing a sale or even losing a customer forever. Too often is the customer (and subsequent business) lost in a dead queue over a telephone. Instead use that space to market your business and keep the customer reassured and informed, whilst telling them about your latest product range and services.

We have brought together the best creative talent in the industry to provide services including script writing, professional male and female voice-over talent and an extensive library of licensed music styles.

Our expert marketing script writers will work with you to develop engaging audio marketing messages that are unique to your business. Each message is suited to your market conditions, advertising campaigns, buying seasons, competition and more. These messages can be changed as often as you like – at very short notice, if required or as part of your marketing campaign.

Our productions are fully licensed to our customers with no fixed term contracts just a one off production fee.

Maximise advertising with Audio Marketing:

  • Music On Hold Mp3 Player
  • Flash Card Storage Up to 99 Tracks
  • High Quality Audio For Telecoms Systems
  • Fully Licensed Music On Hold Included

Listen Christmas on Hold sample:

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