Introducing Lansafe Business Broadband

Lansafe brings the latest ‘Next Generation’ Business Broadband services to local businesses irrespective of the distance from the telephone exchange.

Whether you are solely reliant on internet browsing and emails or your business has a demand for high speed and greater bandwidth, Lansafe has a package for you. We offer a range of internet services which will accommodate your exact business requirements.

Before we propose a solution for your business, first of all we need to recognise what you the customer really wants to achieve. Providing a connection is one thing but making you aware of all the next generation solutions and applications which are available to your business is something which other resellers fail to recognise.

Technology is only the tool. Lansafe is the company with the knowledge, experience and products to transform your business so that you can meet the requirements of your business objectives.

With Fiber, Wireless and leased line solutions we can get all aspects of your business connected.

Try the Lansafe speed test to find out how fast your current broadband is.

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