WiFi Services For All Types Of Businesses

Lansafe offer a wide range of wireless network solutions, not just WIFI for Office users, but right across the sectors. Whatever your business may be. We can supply and install a Business WIFI solution for you. In addition, we can provide a WIFI solution for Warehouse Distribution, Schools, Restaurants, bars, religious premises or Public WIFI for your customers then Lansafe have the Business WIFI solution for you.

Why Choose Lansafe?

We're Trusted

As one of the UK leading communications providers, Lansafe is an established local Telecoms and WIFI provider. With our network, you know you’re in safe hands.

We're Fast

Customers need higher bandwidth to view high data media. We use the latest WIFI technology so that your staff and customers can surf to their heart’s content.

We're There For You

Our NW-based team of WIFI experts are on hand during working hours to answer your questions. And it’s free.

We're Safe

Lansafe Protect allows you to filter out inappropriate content that might cause offence to the public and staff and we can help you become a Lansafe accredited ‘Friendly WIFI’ office or venue. Our firewalls and security software will help you protect the integrity of your data.

Start To Finish

Once we’ve installed your network we’ll monitor and manage it from our operations centre, to make sure both your staff and customers have a great experience

What are the benefits of Business WIFI?

There are numerous key benefits such as:

  • It allows numerous wireless devices.

  • It’s fast, reliable and affordable

  • It empowers mobility and collaboration

  • Marketing opportunities

What value can Business WIFI add?

A significant advantage is that more people are likely to spend more time on your business premises with access to WIFI. A recent study showed 62% more customers spent time in business who offer a WIFI solution. 

What is business WIFI?

A wireless network within business premises that allows visitors, staff or customers to access a WIFI connection on smartphones, laptops or tablets. 

How easy is a WIFI solution to set up?

The best answer is Simple. Lansafe will offer a free WIFI survey, we will then give you the best options available to your business based on your requirements and finally our installation is professional, easy and cost effective. 

Why do you need managed WIFI?

To managed your data and traffic and remotely support your connections to make sure they are online all the time.

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