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Embracing Compassion: The Brick, Wigan Named Charity of the Year 2023

Author: Ruth Baxendale

Date: 29th November 2023

In a world often ruined by challenges and uncertainties, acts of kindness stand as beacons of hope, helping the path toward a brighter future. Today, we are thrilled to announce that The Brick, Wigan has been chosen as our Charity of the Year, a decision born out of a heartfelt desire to make a meaningful impact on our local community. 

Our journey with The Brick began with a sheer realisation of their vulnerability. A news story caught our attention – A break-in that threatened the progression of this invaluable organisation. As the details unfolded in the local papers, so did our determination to contribute to the safety and well-being of this essential charity and its staff. 

In response to the break-in, we took immediate action, recognising the vital role The Brick plays in supporting those in need. To protect their premises and ensure the security of their operations, we provided and installed an intruder alarm system and CCTV cameras. Our aim was not only to protect their physical space but to send a clear message: The community stands united against adversity. 

Our gratitude, and thanks, goes to the skilled engineers at Lansafe, and their MD, Lee Roby, for their unwavering support of The Brick. I wholeheartedly endorse Lansafe.

However, our commitment to The Brick did not end with security measures. Inspired by the resilience and compassion shown by the charity, we began on a journey to enhance their facilities further. LED Lighting, an energy efficient solution, now graces their spaces, creating an environment that is both welcoming and sustainable. 

Recognising the importance of a consistant infrastructure, we also extended our support to upgrade their electrical systems. This not only ensures a reliable power supply but also contributes to the overall safety and functionality of the organisation. In a world increasingly reliant on communication, we are currently working on their VoIP phone system capabilities, efficient communication that is pivotal to their outreach efforts. 

Perhaps most notably, we are proud to share that all the security services provided to The Brick were entirely free of charge. Or motivation was not financial gain but rather a genuine desire to support a local charity that embraces the spirit of altruism and community service. 

Providing security to local businesses in Wigan is top of our agenda, so when it was brought to my attention that The Brick had been broken into several times I was immediately on the case. Taking into consideration what The Brick does for community I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to give something back to them,

The decision to name The Brick, Wigan as our Charity of the Year was not entirely a professional choice; it was a heart driven commitment to making a positive impact where it is needed the most. We believe in the transformative power of kindness, and through this partnership, we hope to inspire others to join us in supporting the invaluable work carried out by The Brick.

As we look toward the future, we imagine a community that stands together,  surrounded by compassion and resilience. The Brick serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when individuals and businesses come together for a common cause.  We invite everyone to join us in celebrating the mission of The Brick and making a lasting difference in the lives of those they help.

You can make a donation to The Brick Charity, Wigan here.

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