Next generation, broadband services!


Lansafe brings the latest ‘Next Generation’ broadband services to local businesses irrespective of the distance from the local telephone exchange. Our Trinity Fibre Broadband offers unlimited data usage with VOIP quality of service, making it a truly reliable data connection to accommodate both voice and data services.


  • Fibre Broadband
  • Firewall Router
  • WiFi Access
  • Support


  • High Speed Connection
  • Quality Of Service
  • Advanced Security
  • Control Costs

Internet Options

Your business needs to be ready for the demands of unified communications and bandwidth-hungry data applications including IP Telecoms, Cloud Computing and Video that will help reduce your business overheads by turning to a faster more reliable internet service. Lansafe is perfectly placed to help you with this future-proofing.

Router and Firewall

  • Content Control
  • VoIP Integration
  • Advanced Security
  • VDSL, Ethernet, 3G/4G

Lansafe only supply the best-of-class ‘Vigor’ business grade routers and firewall products from Draytek which deliver a class leading internet gateway solution. Connectivity is via Gigabit Ethernet ports or WiFi to your PC’s, laptops, tablets and other internet-connected devices. This combined with the integrated firewall protects your business from external threats and also provides internal content filtering restricting local users and staff over what they can access or download.

WiFi Access Control

  • Best & Secure WiFi Coverage
  • Dual Band 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz
  • User Access Control
  • Bandwidth Management

The higher your broadband speeds, the more challenging it is to deliver broadband connectivity via WiFi without degradation. Our WiFi services provide dual band connectivity – with speeds of over 1Gbps! Separate user login for admin and public provides security and bandwidth management control.

Gateway Management & Support

  • 24/7 Monitoring Service
  • Maximum Connection up-time
  • Remote Fault Diagnosis
  • Fast Line Repair / Re-connection

Our 24/7 router control service provides an end to end real-time monitoring system to ensure your network devices are working correctly and that your business receives maximum up-time at optimum performance. It will automatically report information back to our service centre about the status of your network and identity.

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