Critical Support

Broadband Critical Support

The increase in online communications means that bandwidth-hungry data applications such as Internet Banking, Cloud Computing, IP Telecommunications and Multimedia Video services are becoming more strategically important in reducing business overheads. Unified communications are the future and we need to ensure that our companies are equipped to meet these demands by turning to faster and more reliable Next Generation Networks.

Lansafe understands how critical it is for a business to have reliable Internet access. We also know that there can be a number of reasons why our broadband can fail. The important thing is that we have the resources to fix those services, reducing downtime and cost to your business.

What we cover?

Our critical support guarantees the following:

  • Fast Track Diagnostic (while you wait)
  • Remote Fix & Support (same day)
  • Router Replacement (next day)
  • Engineer On Site (no call out fee)

Network providers have limited resources in the field; broadband faults have a minimum 2-5 working days SLA. In the event of a failure we want to put all our customers at the front of the cue with premium level care.

Its simple and affordable, with no capital outlay. We can protect your business with Critical Cover today.

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