Cyber Security

Secure your network, with our comprehensive cyber security offering, IMPACT.

Lansafe’s Cybersecurity solutions gives you the ultimate protection against Identity Theft, Email Hacking and Malware Threat. Our solution provides the necessary security layers required to re-enforce your standard Microsoft 365 cloud applications and emails. It goes one step further to protect your staff and network infrastructure, making sure you are not an easy target for Cyber criminals. Unfortunately SME’s are often hackers easiest victims, our Cybersecurity solution not only provides additional Email and Anti-virus protection but it educates users on what common practices make it easy for Cyber-attack.

Our IMPACT solution provides invaluable protection from cyber security threats. We integrate the following three powerful tools, strategically chosen to compliment each other seamlessly to offer a robust cyber security solution: 

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment will be carried out by our designated technical team who will run a indepth report across your network. This will allow our team to identify any threats or vulnerabilities.

Email Security

Email protection to eliminate phishing attacks, BEC (Business Email Compromise) and Identity Theft. This works in conjunction with your 365 to provide a robust protection.

Anti Virus with EDR

Anti Virus and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) which will scan your devices for malware and reduce risks of common attack used by cyber hackers.

Cyber Security is imperative to reduce the risk of cyber attacks on your business. Preventing unauthorised access to any personal and business information that may be stored in the cloud, your company network and your devices.

  • 66% of SMEs havent identified cyber security vulnerabilities
  • 48% of SMEs haven’t analysed cyber security attack targets and methods

400% Increase in targeted Cyber attacks in the 12 months vs last year.

69% of SMEs haven't identified their potential cyber security threats.

Losses of £100 Million across businesses in the last 12 months due to Cyber Attacks.

What will we receive within the Risk Assessment?

Security health data and risk factors

Vulnerability scan for any known weak points

User-friendly, simplified executive summary

Risk analysis score with meaningful findings

Dark web scanning for compromised credentials for sale

SMEs are victims of the majority (76%) of today’s attacks simply because they are inadequately protected. Expand your partnership with us to get the tools, services and expertise you need to minimise your exposure and reduce your risk, with IMPACT.

What are the benefits of Cyber Security?

This allows you to rest easy with advanced protection from internal & external threats to your company IT infrastructure. 

How does Cyber security work?

Implementation of both hardware and software that protects the network and infrastructure from unauthorised access or disruptions. 

What Cyber security software do you use?

We use a variety of products and processes to eliminate Cyber attacks, using the NGFW (Next Generation Firewalls) hardware and a variety of software based on the business requirements. 

How Can I Block Email Spoofing?

There are several ways to block email spoofing, strong passwords and multifactor authentication are common but are not enough in to block hacking. MS 365 is not strong enough to protect users from credential harvesting, this is why additional email protection is required.

Is Microsoft 365’s in-built security truly enough to protect your business? As Cyber threats continue to evolve in complexity, it’s crucial to question whether basic security is truly enough to protect your business. Click the button below to read our article covering this topic, and offering our expert advice. 

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