Desktop & Server

Your office anywhere – on any device!


Trinity Desktop allows you to access all your desktop applications from wherever you are on virtually any device. Share calendars with Email exchange and manage your contact information easily. Always have the latest software update for spam security and protect your files on site and offsite with our secure back up service.


  • Email Exchange
  • Microsoft 365
  • File Share & Back Up
  • Antivirus Protection


  • No Up Front Cost
  • Work From Anywhere
  • Always The Latest Software
  • Safeguard Your Data

Why Trinity?

You need a cloud solution, which caters to the needs of your business and grows as you do. You also want a secure environment, which protects your data without the stress of managing servers and backups yourself. That’s where Trinity comes in. A hassle free, easy to configure cloud-based solution, which makes your desktop experience simple! We’ve made Trinity easy to use, quick to install and fool proof, taking the complications away and allowing you to get on with your business.

Desktop Options

Hosted Office delivers a rock-solid, proven on-premises architecture. It provides the innovation and simplicity to run at scale, superior performance and reliability for a great user experience, simplified deployment and cloud-readiness so you can connect when you want.

Email Exchange

Exchange 2016 helps you get more done. With faster, more refined and complete search plus an improved inbox, you can quickly find what you need. Having these additional capabilities at your fingertips means that even as your mailbox expands, it stays clean and easy to manage. Exchange also provides collaboration tools that fit the way you work, plus a great experience on any device.

Get the full Office desktop: You can install the latest full Office applications on your devices, so you can work offline or online. Manage it all simply: Office 365 applications stay up to date, are simple to use and manage, giving you more time to focus on your work. Office 365 provides applications you’re familiar with and files that are always accessible and always up to date. So online or off, at your desk or on the go, from your PC, Mac, iPad®, Android tablet, or phone, you can access what you need when and where you need it.

File Share & Backup

Trinity’s online file share portal allows you to upload your documents securely and automatically saves any future changes you make. Each member of your team can have access, with permission to the different departments within your company. All data is backed up securely so whether through har ware failure, human error, fire, theft or accidental damage your business will always be safe from loss of company data and the recovery of your files can be completed within minutes.

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