Ethernet First Mile



EFM is an efficient use of existing, proven infrastructure. It uses multiple bonded copper pairs to deliver an Ethernet type service direct to our customer’s premises. Using either 2 or 4 copper pairs to provide Ethernet transport, up to 20Mbps can be achieved and there are no charges for bandwidth usage.

EFM is the most cost effective way of obtaining an uncontended bandwidth over existing copper cables linked to the nearest exchange, although the data speeds will supersede any speed provided by traditional broadband services, the rate provided by EFM is still adaptive and bandwidth speeds can vary due to a number of different variants.

It is important to note that the quality of the copper wire pair and the length of the copper wire between the exchange and the premises will affect the speeds. Depending on the length of copper and the number of pairs used, EFM can provide upload speeds as fast as 18Mbps, this in comparison to standard ADSL speed of 0.7Mbps (on uploads) is a significant difference. Below is a graph which shows the indicative speeds expected, depending on the distance from the exchange.

Technical Specifications: (subject to survey*)

Dedicated Bandwidth speeds Up to 18MBPS.
Two options for EFM; 2 copper pairs and 4 copper pairs.
Service bandwidth is uncontended over multiple bonded copper pairs.
Access bandwidth speed dependent on line quality and length.
Choice of Interconnect Options.
Resilient architecture for last mile delivery.
DSL backup (optional).
Quick installation.
Managed or wired only service.
Cost effective.
No charges for bandwidth usage.
Site must be within 3900m radial distance from the exchange for 4 Pair or 3200m for 2 Pair.

For more information on our EFM services you can reach our service department on 08444 123 600 or get in touch using our contact page.

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