Faster Britain

Faster Britain - Keeping you connected with ULTRAFAST Fibre

Let your business thrive on a highly reliable network and future proof your growing technology needs. 

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Faster Britain - Full Fibre
Why choose the Faster Britain network?

Faster Britain works with telecoms and technology partners to deliver ultrafast, full fibre connectivity into businesses of all sizes, from SME to Large Enterprise, across the UK. The network is building at pace and excelling in the competition for business-grade fibre infrastructure roll-out.

Which connectivity solution is best for my business?

FibreBright (Leased Lines) – The ultimate connectivity for larger business.

FibreLight (FTTP) – Super-scalable connectivity for growing businesses. Cost-effective, business-grade, ultrafast broadband.


Are all businesses making the move?

Your competitors are already making the move. Full fibre connectivity offers unparalleled high bandwidths, with the stability to meet the increasing digital demands businesses face in their daily operations and in future growth.

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