Fixed Lines

Fixed Line Services

Lansafe’s Fixed Line services are extremely affordable per month, on PSTN (analogue) lines.

Lansafe offer bespoke call packages on fixed line services to suit each customers individual requirements. Our call charges are highly competitive; we charge per second billing with unlimited broadband and UK National call bundles including VOIP.

With Lansafe you have access to different levels of service depending on your business needs, for example; if your suffering from slow internet then we have a priority broadband service which will guarantee a minimum uploadspeed of 1MB with download capability of up to 24MB.

Our network providers give accurate information about your service depending on your geographic location to the business exchange, we then select the correct service for you. We also provide LLU services throughout the UK, these are lines and broadband packages with unlimited calls per month to UK and National numbers..

Call Lansafe direct on 08444 123 600 or get in touch using our contact page. to arrange a free no obligation consultation.

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