Leased Lines

High Speed Fibre

The increase in unified and online communications means that bandwidth-hungry data applications such as cloud computing, IP Telecommunications and multimedia video services are becoming more strategically important in reducing business overheads. Unified communications are the future and we need to ensure that our companies are equipped to meet these demands by turning to faster and more reliable Next Generation Networks.

The Problem

Slow internet speeds can be detrimental to company’s performance and very costly both short term and in the long run. There are many reasons behind this and the all have an effect on the size of Bandwidth you have. The most common are:

  • High contention (sharing) with other users on the service
  • Poor quality copper cabling to the exchange
  • Long distances from the exchange
  • Poor configuration of your internal I.T infrastructure

The Solution

The only way to guarantee bandwidth which can cope with every demand is to upgrade your technology from a contended ADSL broadband service to a next generation 21c data network.
Next generation networks come in a range of different shapes and sizes, the most common type is fibre leased line which has been available now for many years but at a very high premium. Nowadays, leased lines are available through a range of different carriers and can be delivered over more than one type of network.

Next Generation Networks – ‘the future for your business’

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