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Lansafe like to understand your needs & requirements for your network solutions. We will spend time with you to work out a solution that best suits the nature of your business, we will then walk & talk you through the solutions and design a network infrastructure for your business that increases productivity & speed and decreases downtime. 

A network solution will be a mix of hardware (Routers etc), software applications and network services to ensure that your business is secure and productive is consistent. 

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Why network infrastructure is important

Majority of businesses rely on the functioning of their network. A secure Network infrastructure can decrease downtime and ensure the productivity of the business remains consistent. 

What equipment will we need?

A variety of equipment may be required such as; Routers, switches, modems and cable. Lansafe ensure a professional installation with comms cabinets that are neat & tidy. 

Does Lansafe offer IT Support?

Yes. Our team of IT Engineers will ensure your team are fully supported. You can see more information here.

Which Cabling Is Best?

Cat 6 cabling is the industry standard for networks up to 100m. Then fibre for distances beyond 100m.

Is Wireless Better?

Wireless networks are great for long distance or external links between buildings. Internal wireless networks are restricted to certain devices.

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