Phishing Attacks

What is a Phishing Attack?

A Phishing Attack is a cybersecurity attack where the attacker impersonates someone within your organisation via email or other electronic communication methods such as SMS (Text). This has caused numerous organisations to reveal sensitive information including bank details, payments and more. The most common Phishing Attack is via email which can prompt suppliers, customers or employees to shre private or personal information. 

How Does it Work?

Attacker sends an email to the victim.

Victim clicks on the email, they may think is safe, and opens a phishing site.

Attacker collects the victim's information and credentials.

The attacker uses this information to gather personal data from from victim.

How Can We Help?

If you have ever fallen victim to a Phishing Attack, rest assured, that Lansafe is here to assist you in bolstering your system’s security. We offer expert advice, personalised guidance, and free site visits to assess your specific requirements. 

Following our evaluation, we’re well-equipped to provide support in implementing software solutions designed to proactively safeguard your systems against future Phishing or Scam Attacks. Your digital environments will benefit greatly from our expertise and proactive measures.



From the hardware (Routers etc) to the installation, Lansafe can make the process simple for your business. 

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Managed IT

Your time is precious so why not have Lansafe be your external Managed IT team?

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