R. Banks and Sons – Testimonial

“Prior to finding Lansafe, we didn’t have an IT company or department, this meant that any technical issues that arose were left for us to tackle ourselves, and we are not the most technological-minded team. These disruptions were affecting our work” Says Managing Director of R. Banks and Sons Funerals, Carina Halliwell-Jones “As a business so highly dependent on our phone lines, this would cause significant disruption to our operations.” 

Lansafe came to our rescue, making everything so much easier. What truly sets them apart is their transparency in explaining how they handle everything. They made us feel secure and informed throughout the process. The most trustworthy, no-jargon team!”

"Everything happens seamlessly - from initial survey to installation, to the ongoing support and maintenance"

“We all know technology can be temperamental, and with our previous provider, if we had issues it was almost impossible to get in touch with them. We had great difficulty reaching the provider to make them aware of the issues, let alone getting these problems resolved promptly. As a business so highly dependent on our phone lines, this was a significant disruption to our operations.

Lansafe not only fixed our technical issues and took over our managed IT and Telecoms, but they also implemented preventative CCTV measures at some of our sites, enhancing our overall productivity. Whenever technology or security throws a curveball at us, we know we can count on Lansafe, they are just a phone call away, and always promptly resolve any issues that may crop up.”


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