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VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems are the best telecoms system to use for the modern-day business now. Discover how Lansafe one of the best providers of VOIP phone systems in Warrington can help improve your business.

For telecoms customers in Warrington who require more advanced features, we implement VOIP business phone systems which provide a wide range of applications. Believing that a unified communication solution is the future for our clients who are looking to invest in a VOIP phone system which will provide them with extra revenue streams, identify excessive costs and make their company work more efficiently, making it important to ensure that the cloud-based phone system proposed is future proofed and has the capability of expansion and is adaptable to new technologies.

With over 20 years’ experience in Telecommunications, we are confident that Lansafe will be the right choice for you.

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What is a VOIP Telephone System?

A VOIP phone system is a telephone designed to use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology via either hardware or software and the ability to make or receive calls over an IP Network. 

The difference between a VOIP phone system and a regular phone system can be easily distinguished by the capability that a VOIP system can allow you to make calls from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection, whereas regular or original phone lines are restricted to certain geographical areas. 

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-site functionality
  • CRM Software Integration
  • Call reporting & recording
  • Line rental & calls included
  • Cost Effective
  • Mobile APP Available
  • Music on Hold

Suitable for any size of business but is highly effective in organisations that have multiple sites or businesses who have a mixture of remote, office and Hybrid workers. 

All of our VOIP phone systems come with warranty, annual support and installation of new systems using our own Lansafe engineers. We will ensure on installation staff are provided with full training on their brand new VOIP phone system. Each customer receives regular visits to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The motto is simple, when you choose Lansafe as your telecoms provider you will never have the need to source or discuss telecommunications with any other business telecommunication provider again.

Should our business use VOIP?

Yes. With the removal of ISDN/ PSTN lines in 2025 the future of business phone systems is a cloud based option. The simple, cost effective and easy to use option for all businesses. 

Does our business need a broadband connection?

Yes, but don’t worry Lansafe can see what is available at your business premises.

Is a VOIP system easy to install?

Yes a VOIP system runs over your existing I.T network and is much more easy to install and configure than a conventional phone system.

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