Hosted VOIP Telecoms System

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems are the best telecoms system to use for the modern-day business now. Why not discover how Lansafe one of the best VOIP providers in the Northwest can help improve your business. Lansafe will make the process Simple, Affordable, Friendly and Efficient. 

Low Monthly Bills | Unlimited Support | Advanced Features


hosted package

Advanced Features

Suitable for any size business and highly effective in organisations that have multiple sites. All our VoIP Phone Systems come with warranty, annual support and installation of new systems using our own Lansafe Engineers. Check out some of the advanced features here:

Multi - Site Functionality

CRM Integration

Call Reporting & Recording

Call Transferring & Diverts

Music on Hold

Mobile APP

Our Hosted Service package:

Trinity is a complete VOIP and I.T package designed for SME businesses, giving you the tools you need and the flexibility to work from anywhere, perfect for office or remote users. Our Trinity package includes a feature packed VoIP Telecoms System, Microsoft 365, cloud share file, secure backup, ESET antivirus and high speed internet connection.

Watch this short video to learn more.

With over 20 years’ experience in Telecommunications, we are confident that Lansafe will be the right choice for you. 

Should our business use VOIP?

Yes. With the removal of ISDN/ PSTN lines in 2025 the future of business phone systems is a cloud-based option. The simple, cost effective and easy to use option for all businesses. 

Does our business need a broadband connection?

Yes, but don’t worry Lansafe can see what is available at your business premises.

Is a VOIP system easy to install?

Yes a VOIP system runs over your existing I.T network and is much more easy to install and configure than a conventional phone system.


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Managed IT

Your time is precious so why not have Lansafe be your external Managed IT team? For more information visit our page here.


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Did you say Networks? We can assist from hardware to installation, come take a look.

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