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Mobile Wireless

Connect Anywhere, Anytime

Lansafe provide a ruggedized 4G LTE networking solution designed for mission-critical connectivity in the most challenging environments. Its ideal for in vehicle networks and rapid deployment to remote sites or as a back up.

The equipment is engineered to protect against extreme temperatures, humidity, shocks, vibrations, dust, water splash, reverse polarity, and transient voltage. Able to provide speeds of up to 100 Mbps in remote locations allows for multiple applications in fleet vehicles, utilities, digital signage, remote CCTV and mobile office’s. With extremely competitive data tariffs get connected anywhere with Lansafe.

Use the mobile broadband as a standalone product or as back-up to your fixed-line broadband solution on the go with the inexpensive, reliable and resilient router. Mobile broadband is a simple yet effective way of increasing productivity whilst mobile.

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