Wireless Networks

Lansafe specialises in using best of breed wireless technology to extend the power of dedicated leased line connectivity beyond the reach of traditional fibre. By coupling fibre optic and high capacity wireless technology, lead-times are reduced significantly and businesses that have traditionally struggled with poor copper services such as ADSL, SDSL & EFM or cost prohibitive leased line installation charges finally have an alternative. Our wireless network provider has the largest customer base of any Business-to-Business wireless operator in the country. In the past 48 months, they haven’t lost a single customer – proving that their commitment to service, quality and value for money is unsurpassable. The network is IP based it is designed to host customers IP based applications such as VOIP and Video Conferencing.

The Key advantages of our Wireless Leased Line services:

When is it available?

  • Independence from BT-based infrastructure – service delivered from the customer premises across an independent wireless/fibre network directly into Telecity.
  • Installation time – Installation within five days of receiving an order. This compares to a variable lead time from a BT-based which are subject to site surveys.
  • Scalability – Upgrades are much faster, a customer can be moved to a higher bandwidth remotely at a moments’ notice. In some cases a more powerful transmitter will need to be installed. This can be scheduled within days and at a time convenient to the customer. It is also done without charging the customer an upgrade fee.
  • Downtime is unacceptable – Our provider operates a 99.95% Service Level Agreement and carries only a 4hr response/ repair time guaranteed.
  • One point of responsibility – Our provider owns and controls all parts of its network from the switch installed at the customer site through to Telecity. The company has 24×7 access to all parts of the network and does not depend on the infrastructure of any external companies. The Company’s engineers all live locally and are never more than 20 minutes away from any part of the network.
  • Proactive fault management – a managed switch will be installed for each connection. This switch allows the management software on the network to monitor each and every connection 24 hours per day. If there is a problem with any connection (for example the switch gets unplugged), the management software generates an alarm and text message to operations staff. This means that we are able to respond and address customer issues before the customer may even be aware of them.
  • Simple Pricing – One of the problems that many companies face when implementing new or even upgrading existing leased lines is complexity of pricing. Because of the dependence of leased data services on distance from exchanges and the need to terminate copper lines or fibre, even obtaining an accurate quotation from an ISP can be take several days or more than a week and such quotes are usually subject to change at any time until they are installed. Metronet has implemented a policy of published, standard, distance-independent pricing.

For more information on our wireless leased line services, contact our service department on 08444 123 600 or get in touch using our contact page.

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