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The Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

In today’s fast paced digital world, businesses of all sizes face the challenge of optimising productivity and maintaining s secure work environment. Employee monitoring software has emerged as a valuable tool that allows organisations to effectively monitor and manage their workforce, ensuring enhanced efficiency, improved compliance, and increased data security. In this blog post, we will explore more about the productivity monitoring tool and the numerous benefits this can bring to your business. 

Productivity monitoring software is a tyoe of technology that allows employers to track and monitor various actiities of their employees in the workplace. It provides insights into how employees use their time, interact with digital resources, and adhere to company policies. Employee productivity monitoring software typically operates by collecting data from various sources, such as computer systems, internet usage, email communications and other digital channels. Here are some common features and functionalities:

Time Tracking

Employee monitoring software tracks the time employees spend on specific tasks or projects, providing accurate data for performance evaluation, resource allocation, and project management.

Internet & App Monitoring

This feature records the websites employees visit, the applications they use, and the duration of their usage. It helps identify productivity draining activities, excessive use of non work related websites or applications and potential security risks.

Screenshots and Video Recording

Software may take periodic screenshots or record videos of employees’ computer screens, offering visual evidence of their activities, progress, and adherence to company policies.

File and Document Tracking

This functionality tracks file transfers, document access, and modifications made by employees, ensuring data security and preventing unauthorised sharing of sensitive information.

Communication Monitoring

Productivity Monitoring Software can monitor and log employee communications, including emails, instant messaging, and chat applications, enabling employers to detect any inappropriate or non-compliant behaviour.

Reporting and Analytics

Employee monitoring software generates comprehensive reports and analytics based on the collected data, allowing employers to gain insights into productivity levels, project progress, time allocation, and compliance adherence.

It is important to note that while productivity monitoring software can provide valuable insights and benefits to organisations, its implementation should be done with careful consideration for privacy, transparency, and legal compliance. Organisations should establish clear policies and communicate openly with employees about the purpose, extent, and boundaries of monitoring activities to maintain trust and respect employees’ privacy rights.

Over the past couple of months Lansafe have trailed the productivity monitoring internally and with some customers who have enquired about this, below we have detailed the positive findings:

Increased Productivity

It allowed employers to see clearly the activities during work hours, offering them insights into how time is spent on various tasks. This allowed them to implement strategies to boost productivity.

Training Opportunities

Detailed monitoring data allowed employees to evaluate their employees performance. By analysing completion rates, task duration or customer response times, employers were able to implement training programs and reward top performers.

Remote Work Facilitation

Employers were able to actively monitor their employees regardless of location, ensuring that work is being performed efficiently and in line with company policies.

Enhanced Data Security

The biggest benefit to employers was they were able to ensure that employees were handling the data of customers or suppliers was handled correctly. Benefitting from prompt alerts/ notifications that can be set up to assist with this.

Lansafe and their customers benefitted greatly from productivity monitoring. Utilising these tools, businesses optimised their operations, fostered a positive work culture, and ensured a secure and efficient work environment, while safeguarding a balance between monitoring and respecting employees’ privacy.

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