Fibre Ethernet

Fibre optic cores can transmit data faster than any copper cabling and will allow multiple users to share bandwidths from 10Mbps to 1Gbps. Managed offices can share data over fibre with additional products such as VOIP telephony, Multimedia Conferencing and offsite Data backup. Fibre networks allow service providers to offer a wide range of communication products, with NGN there is a more defined separation between the transport (connectivity) portion of the network and the services that run on top of that transport. This means that whenever a provider wants to enable a new service, they can do so by defining it directly at the service layer without considering the transport layer.

IT industry specialists have found that Ethernet is simple, easy to use and readily upgradeable and scalable from 100Mbps to a massive 1Gbps, depending on business needs. Because Ethernet is compatible with legacy equipment it also reduces the big infrastructure investment that an organisation might be forced to make otherwise. Ethernet is seen as the most reliable technology for business mission-critical applications. For example, a big retail company that relies on customers to shop online and by hosting their website using an Ethernet connection it will offer them security and stability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Guaranteed speeds up to 1GBPS.
  • Un-Contended Full Duplex (both ways).
  • Segmented layers for priority traffic.
  • Managed or wired only solutions.
  • No charges for bandwidth usages.
  • Voice and Data quality of service (qos).
  • 4 hour fix SLA 24/7 7 days per week.
  • Bandwidth segmentation and sharing.
  • Managed routing and firewall options.

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