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Lansafe Complete LED Lighting Upgrade for Plasman Laminate Products

“The LED lighting upgrades by Lansafe have not only helped up save on energy costs but have also made a positive impact on our company sustainability efforts. 

We are proud to be a part of the green movement and appreciate the professionalism and expertise that Lansafe brought to the project – ensuring the job was green from start to finish. Thank you Lansafe!” 

Anna Balszan, Financial Director Plasman

Plasman Laminate Products, a forward-thinking company, embarked on a mission to become a greener and more energy-efficient organization. Their journey to sustainability led them to Lansafe.

They reached out to us with a specific goal in mind – to upgrade all their lighting in their office and warehouse to cost-effective LED lighting. This case study showcases how our expertise and LED lighting solutions helped Plasman achieve their eco-friendly objectives.

Plasmans existing lighting system was outdated and inefficient, with some faulty, consuming excess energy and producing inconsistent lighting quality. The challenge was to find a solution that not only reduced energy consumption but also improved the overall lighting quality for their office and warehouse spaces. 

 We took on the project with a comprehensive approach. The first step was to visit Plasmans site and conduct a through survey. This survey included a detailed cost breakdown to assess the full potential savings that could be achieved for Plasman by replacing the old lighting with our state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions. Our team proposed a tailored LED lighting upgrade plan, designed to meet Plasmas eco-friendly goals and budget requirements. The plan not only included the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting but also strategic arrangement to ensure consistent and optimized lighting in both the office and warehouse areas. 

 The results of the LED lighting upgrades were transformative for Plasman:          

Significant energy savings

Enhanced lighting quality

Positive environmental impact and reduced carbon footprint

 In conclusion, this case study not only highlights the significant cost savings and environmental benefits of LED lighting upgrades, but also showcases how many eco-conscious decisions can have a positive impact on a company’s reputation and wellbeing. The whole project was green from start to finish, as we recycled the old lighting and then installed the new LED lighting, removed all packaging and recycled and worked using only the top quality products. 


Lansafe can assist businesses of all sizes with LED upgrades, no ceiling is too high! In addition, we offer a 5 year guarantee with all our LED installations. 

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