ActivTrak: Employee Monitoring Software

ActivTrak: Employee Monitoring Software

ActivTrak has allowed businesses across the UK to offer flexibility to employees when it comes to Remote, Hybrid and Office based staff. It allows Employers to see real time activity to ensure workloads are equal, protection against data theft & fraud and to encourage future training & development plans for employees.

This software is not about micro – managing individuals or teams but about successfully creating an environment that is fair, safe and grows the business through productivity. 

Key Benefits & Features

Real Time User Activity

View team members in full to see activities in real time.

Productivity Reports

Daily breakdown reports of time spent on productive and unproductive activities.

Application & Website Usage

Understand which websites & applications are used by which teams and how often.

Website Blocking

Pre configure alarms to help track and get alerted to activities of interest.

Location Insights

Determine whether employees are more productive when working in the office, remotely or hybrid.


Access employee work habits and provide timely guidance to boost productivity and promote healthier work habits.

Businesses don’t need to be some kind of IT Professional to set up and start monitoring their employees activity. This is simple to install on any PC or Mac that employees will be working on and the software will track exactly what their employees are working on it and just how long it’s taking them to do it. The software even provides businesses with the data to search through logs and desktop screenshots of all activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ActivTrak?

This software allows employers to real time track and monitor employee activity. Allowing the employer to have regular reports of websites, applications and much more the employees are using. 

What are the benefits of the software?
  • Remote/ Hybrid/ Office employee time tracking
  • Data Theft & Fraud Protection
  • Web & App Monitoring
  • Customisable Tracking
  • Capture User Screens
  • Malicious Website Blocking
  • Activity Alarms
How will this Software impact my business?

This software allows employers to actively utilise the reports to create training & development plans, plan for future growth for recruitment and forecasting and ensure there is a fair & equal opportunity environment. 

Do Lansafe offer IT Support?

Yes. We can assist with being your external I.T Team and you can see more information here.

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